DIY Upgrades For Your Landscape

Maintaining your garden or any other type of landscape requires a lot of love and work but it gives much more in return. Hosting a party in your backyard, walking through the grass bare feet, playing with your kids are just some of the benefits you will get in return if paying just a little more attention to your landscape. Do not worry it is not all so hard, there are some things that you can do and it will not only enhance the looks of your landscape but also give higher value to your property. Give your property a chance to become your little oasis with just these few next improvements.

Facelift your deck

Facelift your deckAt first, this sounds really plain but it is far from that. Many people allow to their decks to make the entire garden look really old-fashioned by letting it achieve that gray look that comes with age. Believe it or not but some scrubbing with oxygenated bleach will do real magic. All the dirt and mildew from your wooden decks will be eliminated allowing you to continue with some sanding and after putting some protective stain. This new shine is priceless and it is best to be done in spring.

Regenerate lawn

The lawn is a basic surface which alone makes great looking to your backyard if maintained properly. There are often bald spots created in some areas of the lawn, usually in areas of frequent traffic or without enough water. Best solution with this is to cut out these dead patches and aerate these surfaces before putting some new grass seed. Also, the best time to do this is in the spring.

Shade and swales

Shade and swalesSummers can be really miserable if you don’t have any shade outdoors. Do not solve it with some plain, basic umbrella but rather go for some fast-growing trees which will provide you also more oxygen besides nice shading. And to be honest it always looks better than an umbrella. Make sure of thorough evaluation of growth rate, climate, and size of the property before selecting your perfect tree.

There are more and heavier rains coming with global climate change and many people have a lot of problems with excess water in their backyards. Shallow trenches named swales make a great solution for this. They keep your backyard from flooding by redirecting the water or even better making it useful for gardening. There are some really good looking ideas for the swales not looking like some ordinary bare dirt but having a role as a border on some fancy looking pathway.
Taking care of your landscape regularly really gives your home a sense of style while creating a defined look.